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The Oak Leaf | What Does an Oak Leaf Look Like?

Here is what the Red Oak leaf looks like.

There are dozens of oak tree varieties in North America. The varieties are divided into two main categories: red oaks and white oaks but I’ll throw in a two additional categories as well! Here’s a quick list along with some of their common traits:

  1. Red Oaks – have many lobes and jagged edges
  2. White Oaks – have many lobes that are curvy
  3. Willow Oak – has slender, oval shape
  4. Evergreen Oaks – have a plain oval-shaped, smooth shape

With all those differently shaped leaves, you might wonder what these trees share in common? — Acorns! They each bear acorns as their fruit. The first two oaks on this list burst into different colors in the fall – from copper, to yellow, to bright red, and brown depending on the species as well as the weather. The willow oak’s leaves turn brown. The fourth category of oak stays green all year long.

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