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Oklahoma’s Arbor Day – 2018

Leaf Critters, Buddy

               Buddy Redbud

As you now know, each state has its own Arbor Day. And Oklahoma is next in line! Oklahoma uses an entire week to celebrate its arbor day. The celebration goes on during the last full week of March each year. This year the dates are March 25-31.

I’m Buddy Redbud and I’m here to tell you about Oklahoma’s state tree – which is my home tree, the Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis). Its leaves are heart-shaped, and can emerge either red or green-colored depending on the variety of the tree. On either tree the blossoms that burst all over the branches are a pink-lavender color (as seen below).

Be sure to look for my home tree while you are out and about this week! (It appears in hardiness zones 4-9 — Click here to see the map.)

Happy Arbor Day week, Oklahoma!

Red-leafed Redbud

Green-leafed Redbud

National Arbor Day, Trees, & Leaf Critters

Oakster arms out 300x300pngThe official National Arbor Day for this year was April 29, 2016. That was on a Friday! Do you know that we have a US national tree?

Q:  Do you know what the national tree is?

A: The oak. (That’s me!)

So many of the trees in your area are changing color with their leaves. See if you can take a picture of some changing leaves and post them here – then we’ll try to figure out what tree type they’re growing on.


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