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The Dogwood Tree is the Next Tree to Have its Fall-time Leaves Turn Color

Leaf Critters sends out news about different fall trees turning color
This year the Dogwood leaves in this yard are turning a brilliant yellow and red
with a just a splash of orange!

It is late, very late, September in the Piedmont of North Carolina where this wonderful display of color was discovered. With even an overcast and rainy day, these colors cannot be diminished.

Keep an eye out for this type of understory (i.e. not really large) tree.

Leaf Critters shows the full Dogwood tree in order to help people find this tree.
Here is a mature Dogwood tree (scaled to a house).

Fall is in the Air

So if you love trees at all, you have noticed that one of our favorite trees, the Japanese Cherry, has already shed its leaves. Why? Why are these beautiful trees bald already when other trees, like maples and oaks haven’t even turned color? Well, the first in, first out rule applies here. Cherry trees are among the first to blossom (as early as late winter) and leaf-out. And they are also among the first to shed their leaves.

Right now the Okame are still carrying their leaves, although the lovely Yoshinos have closed shop for the year (i.e. shed their leaves) as pictured below.

The bare Yoshino is pictured at the top, followed by the leafed Okame.

Keep on the lookout for the next trees to turn color in your area. — We will report on the next to turn in NC!

Happy leaf-watching!

Stay Green — Your friends at Leaf Critters.

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