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Out with the Old | In with the New!

Hi – Maggie Magnolia here, with breaking news that the magnolia tree is shedding some of its leaves! How can this BE??? We know that my home tree is an evergreen! Well, check it out, each year some of the magnolia’s leaves turn a beautiful bright yellow as they die off and leave the tree. […]

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Spring is Here!

Hi – Shuggie Maple here, reporting that Spring has sprung in the Southeast!  And the Sugar Maple trees are dropping their fruit – those fantastic flying wings – everywhere! Take a look! Then check out the new spring leaves from my home tree!

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The Tulip Poplar Leaf | What Does a Tulip Poplar Leaf Look Like?

Here is what the Tulip Poplar leaf looks like. The tulip poplar tree is known by quite a few common names. Some of which are: Tuliptree Tulip Magnolia Yellow Poplar and Whitewood Each refers to the same tree. The tulip poplar is not a poplar, but a member of the magnolia family. The leaves resemble the shape of […]

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The Redbud Leaf | What Does a Redbud Leaf Look Like?

Here is what the Redbud leaf looks like. There aren’t many varieties of the redbud tree in North America. Some have green leaves in the spring and some have red leaves from spring-to-fall. The Ruby falls weeping redbud has leaves emerge maroon-red color turning into a deeper shade of violet as summer progresses. The redbud tree flowers […]

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National Arbor Day, Trees, & Leaf Critters

The official National Arbor Day for this year is April 29, 2016. That’s this Friday! That’s 3 days and counting. So many of the trees in your area are budding out with new leaves. See if you can take a picture of some new leaves and post them here.

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