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Virginia’s Arbor Day


Dogwood blossom (white, also appear in pink)

The Second Friday in April is Virginia’s Arbor Day!

And its home state tree is the Flowering Dogwood. These leaves unfold a bit after the tree blossoms with its well-known 4 bract flowers. They are conspicuous (that is, showy) and herald the incoming of warmer spring weather. The leaves are somewhat egg-shaped and have deep veining. The tree is not as showy in the fall – the spring blossoms far outshine the fall coloring which is of a yellowish or purplish-brown.

dogwood, arbor day

Dogwood leaf in spring.

The bark is chunky and mosaic-like on this understory tree. Also the state tree of Missouri, it’s a pretty tree and is often used as an ornamental. Look for this tree in hardiness zones 5-9.

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